For Christmas my wonderful boyfriend bought me a gorgeous turquoise Kikki K planner. I have decided that this year the colour theme will be peachey pink, mint green, gold and black.

I thought I would give you a sneak peek into my planner and then once I have actually completed sections (as I am kind of designing some basic stuff to go in it) I will show you through those individually.

This is the front page of my planner. I kept the shopping list and today notes just for general things. I bought small blue heart post its for my monthly planner section as well.


This is my week by week section, it differs per week. I have some stick on labels for chores, bills and water intake which I will show another time. I added a label to the ruler insert so it is easy to navigate to this section. Also added the envelope for to-do lists or other things that I need to add to other sections of my planner when I get the time.


The next section is for meetings, this I will use for notes from work meetings. I want to make this section funner than it currently is, but haven’t had any brainwaves as of yet.


The next section is for my blog. Basically the front page will just help me keep up to date with what I want to post about in the coming weeks.


Next is my expenses section, this is probably going to packed full with a lot of pages I have made myself. I will give a tour of this a bit later on as just finalising this section now. The receipts envelope will mainly be for grocery receipts, as this is currently a massive money sink for me.


I have a nutrition and fitness section as these are some of my 2016 priorities. I haven’t really sorted the fitness one yet, but the nutrition section is underway. It includes goals, meal plans and grocery lists. Also will add a pocket for recipes.


I have a few other sections I still haven’t decorated. I will probably finish those next week. But this last page is a to do list insert that I purchased from Kikki K. I like the priority and for later columns on the bottom. Also there is a pocket where I just put loose decorative items.



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