This last weekend I thought it was time to get out and about in the summer sunshine while it is here and go for a walk. It is easy to just waste away your weekends indoors plastered to the tv, or lost in the depths of a great novel. But this weekend, I decided it would be different!

I managed to convince Matt and Erin to tag along with me and we spent a wonderful morning walking through the Orari Gorge Track just west of Geraldine.


This DOC walk was apparently meant to take 1.5 hours, but the three of us managed to knock it out in less than an hour. Was a good walk with many twists and turns, and ups and downs. Was perfect for a Sunday morning stroll, but I think next time I will pick a slightly longer walk, that has slightly better views.

After that we headed back into Geraldine and had a picnic near the Orari River before heading to the local Barkers store and getting some nice jams, and a cheese store and all splashing out a little bit on fancy cheeses.

Recently, a new cafe has opened up in Geraldine, The Running Duck, which has gotten a lot of positive reviews. After hearing about this from my flatmate Rachel, I decided we would all stop there for coffee before heading home. It has this cute primary school feel, with all the outside wooden school chairs situated within a gravel sandpit-esque area. The coffee and smoothies left nothing to be desired as we sat on our little beanbags outside in the early afternoon sun thinking about what we could draw on the concrete with chalk!


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