This last weekend was a long weekend for all of us New Zealanders, and for me personally one of catching up on various small tasks and just doing whatever my heart desired.

While I did do a little bit of slobbing, napping and sleeping in, I decided I would make the most of an extra day and fill my weekend full of exciting activities!

The weekend started on Saturday morning with Blueberry Picking on a farm 15 minutes out of town with a work friend of mine. We each managed to collect an ice cream container filled with juicy blueberries and chat with some friendly ladies picking from the blueberry bush next to us.

After this I came home and got stuck into a lot of little activities, some of which entertained me for most of the weekend. I slipped under the covers and read a bit more of my current book, See Me by Nicholas Sparks, started colouring in and tooted away on my flute. Somehow these three activities, the cast of Desperate Housewives and a few chores managed to completely entertain me for Saturday.


The big event of Sunday was the purchasing and building of a new desk. I am quite happy with itΒ and have many dreams on how to make it both gorgeous and organised. This took me many hours as I am not much of a handy person. So surrounded by pieces of my desk and pink toolkit items I happily built my new desk all of Sunday afternoon. Later in the afternoon we had a new flatmate move in and I decided to celebrate and make a gorgeous Apple and Rhubarb Crumble (will put up separate recipe for this).



On Monday I had a nice decent sleep in and then my boyfriend surprised me by showing up three hours earlier than I expected. We then made Blueberry Muffins from the blueberries I had foraged on Monday before relaxing for the rest of the evening until we decided to start putting together a Roast Chicken for a flat dinner. The weekend, while not wholly relaxing, was the perfect way to spend a great three days off work. I now have some yummy treats to eat at work, a more organised bedroom and some pretty pictures on my wall!

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