I have recently been thinking a little bit on all the things I want to post and how to do it so that there is some kind of pattern or consistency in my blogging. So… I have come up with a plan.

On Tuesdays for the next 7 weeks I will be posting about the various sections of my 2016 Kikki K planner. I realise this probably isn’t up the alley of some of my readers (as my travel posts tend to be a lot more popular) but this is an aspect of my life that surprisingly makes me unbelievably happy. The first post about this should be up sometime later today. Following this I will be posting glimpses into my creative projects. The next follow on will be my journey planner from my Perth trip, which I can now excitingly say is finished!

On Fridays I will be posting the little Perth beaches segments until I run out of those, and then I might tour you through some of the gorgeous beaches and coastlines of New Zealand. Due to my coastal geography degree I now have hundreds of photos of the North Island coastline!

I have started getting quite domestic in my spare time and buying new kitchen equipment, which of course has led me to branch out in my cooking as well as do a bit more baking. I want to add a recipes section to this blog, just not sure how I am going to accomplish that at this time. Suggestions anyone? I could do a stand alone page, or figure out how to tag them in a certain way… Advice from any wordpress veterans would definitely be helpful!

As many of you are probably well aware by now is that Matt and I like to get out and about quite often and spend some time exploring. We like to think of ourselves as adventurers. So no doubt I will have some stuff to post that relates to this sporadically over the next wee while. This of course may taper off as we head into winter over here in New Zealand. Bring on the snow and winter fashion!


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