At the beginning of my planner is kind of a ‘dashboard’ section. This has the cute Shopping List and Today notepads. I used to keep post its for tentative calendar plans in the little pocket but I ran out and have not replaced them as of yet, so at the moment only the cute butterfly gift tag lives there. The quote fronts the calendar section of my planner.



The section begins with a contacts list page, and emergency contacts. As this is all filled in with personal contact details I have not included a photo, but it is something I have developed myself. It is a pink template set on a white background. The next part is my month by month calendar, which I absolutely love. I use this mostly for appointments, birthdays and other things I must not forget, or be late to.


In this photo the stuff I have designed myself are the box template, and the stickers for ‘reminder’ or ‘cease the day’.  The cleaning schedule is amazing as I like having some order to my life, whether I follow it or not. Next is my contacts list page and then a plastic separator page which separates the month by month pages from my weekly planner pages.


Next is my week by week planner pages. I usually decorate these in fortnightly intervals. I have added a gift tag to the ruler bookmark so that I can navigate straight to this section of my planner. The spiral clip, clips all future weeks together so I can turn all these pages as one. The envelope is for my daily to do lists. This is a good place to keep them so I can stay on top of life. It also sometimes includes receipts or shopping lists until I get around to better sorting my life out.


Material used in planner:

Contact pages and cleaning schedule from the 2016 printable planner from

Planner, Shopping List and Today notepads, gift tags, butterfly stickers, weekly planner pages and gold and silver washi tape from

Month headers from


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