This section has a very partitioned layout, with separator quote pages in between areas for different projects that I have on going. In many ways I am still filling out this section, and some of my current larger projects are actually winding up.

This is the front page for the section and I use it as a dashboard of ideas for projects, upcoming blog posts or just notes for information that needs to go in there.


At the front of the section I have two pages for the list of my projects, it is essentially like a contents page of what I have in this section of the planner, which is great because I tend to have more ideas then projects I will actually accomplish. This layout is probably a bit too small for an A5 planner, but i just haven’t had the time to design my own list.


The first project section relates to this blog. Here I have created a page for the details of my blog, goals and categories to keep everything in line. Also means I have the admin information somewhere and have no need to remember it myself.


Following this are two pages for blog ideas, and then a calendar that I schedule blog posts that I want to put up. The blog ideas pages I designed myself.


The next three or four sections are separated out by dividers. Not only can I paperclip older pages to them but it provides me with a more solid structure in this section of my planner.

Each of these sections just have a project timeline page for the project and a envelope to put in ideas and material needed to complete the project.


Material used in planner:

Pink stickers, orange sticky notes and note pages from

Project planner list and project planner pages from

Blog month pages from

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