Plan with Me: Finances Section

The next section in my planner is for my finances. I am one of those people that really struggles to save, and as a result I have a very detailed savings regime, otherwise I would save no money and have zero dollars. Most of my savings is based off a spreadsheet that I update fortnightly when I get paid. I do have some of this written into my planner, but it is more about long term savings goals, bills that come out regularly and a few things that I need to pay off.

The front page of this section has a pocket for receipts. I use this quite a lot and out my little 4c off fuel vouchers in here as well as receipts from groceries I have bought as I do track what I spend on groceries (mainly to help me limit down impulsive spending). I am quite addicted to buying items for my home (such as kitchen equipment), and so when I do buy things like this I keep the receipts in this pocket until I manage to get them into my filing system at home for warranty purposes.

The first page I designed myself is for my three top savings goals this year. To be honest I am not doing remarkably well with any of them, but hey.. good things take time.


The next couple of pages outline my frequent bills that I have coming out for various subscriptions. Basically any payment that has a regular interval to it. Following this are budget pages for various things I either need (ie dentistry), or want to save up for (new furniture).



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