I stopped by Hillarys Boat Harbour on the 30 December 2015 after visiting AQWA. I have to say AQWA was definitely the highlight for this day, as I was a little bit disappointed by Hillarys Boat Harbour. While it is massive, it was a lot more run down then I was anticipating, and not so much clear Australian beach that I was thinking it would be. Maybe call me naive for thinking a massive Australian boat harbour would be ‘clean’ but nevertheless my New Zealander perspective had clearly painted that sort of picture.

I did have fun meandering through all the little shops, and getting a much needed iced coffee, but beyond that I probably could have taken it or left it. If I was to go back to Perth this wouldn’t be a spot I would head back to in a hurry.

2015-12-30 16.31.21

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