The next section in my planner is all to do with nutrition. I definitely use the menu planner part the most, and haven’t really followed the goals. Guess now that it is coming into winter all I want to do is have a nice hot chocolate to keep me warm on the inside and lots feel good carb-dense foods.

The first page in my planner is for my goals. Basically this has been to drink less coffee (which I have not done) and drink more tea (which also has not happened).


After this is a cute quote from a planner blog I absolutely love and a list of recipes to learn that I have developed myself. I have not ticked off many of these as my partner and I have recently got a slow cooker and that is basically all we are using at the moment for dinners.


After this is a double spread page for weekly meals. I use these every week and usually plan my meals out the weekend before. This is great for me as it helps me save money and also means I branch out, as haing a whole row of ‘leftovers’ in the dinner column just looks plain boring.


The last set of pages are fridge, freezer and pantry inventories. Mainly because recently I keep discovering frozen meals that I didn’t know were there, or buying double ups of various ingredients. I use pencil on this, so easy to erase as I use up ingredients. I also am a person with icey cold hands as a result of poor circulation, so the poor circulation notes are just nutrition ideas for helping combat that. It is very much a placebo effect, but nevertheless knowledge is power right…


Material used in planner:

Note pages from

Goals and quote page from

Gold foil hearts from

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