Te and I got to Scarborough Beach late one night after travelling up the coast from Floreat Beach. This city beach was a lot more developed than I thought, and I absolutely loved the grand stand that you could sit on and just watch the sea. Western Australia does not disappoint on coastal sunsets or sunrises, and being at Scarborough beach just after sunset meant that the beach was bathed in all these gorgeous deep purple hues. I absolutely loved this beach, and how much was happening there. Both all the activity on the beach, as it was still in the 30s even though we got there at about 7.30pm (for a New Zealander this was a very strange concept) as well as all the activity along the strip of restaurants and takeaways along the promenade.

I would definitely recommend this beach late in the evening, and if you go for a stroll around some of the quiet areas of this beach you may also hear all the frogs rib-ribbiting and welcoming in the evening.

2016-03-15 21.40.51


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