Celebrate the small things

I thought I would write a little post about the small things in life that bring me joy. Mainly because I think a lot of the time these things make life worth living, they spice up the monotony of these routine tasks you have to undertake daily just to survive on this planet as a functional adult.


Appreciating the view:

I drive to and from Ashburton about 2-3 times a week as my partner lives there. This is about an hour drive for me. Now that it is winter a lot of this travel occurs in the dark, but I still often quite enjoy it. Over the last couple of months I have witnessed some amazing sunrises and sunsets. I have always thought clouds are quite cool, and seeing the clouds streaked with purples, oranges and reds as the sun sets or rises really does make me happy and feel at peace in this sometimes mad rush of a world.

Glimpse of blog success:

I have created a pinterest board of my blog posts with the cover image and the title, and my first one got repinned yesterday! A small amount of success but I got really excited about it and proceeded to tell all my work colleagues of my success.

Road to fitness:

I have just recently rejoined a gym. As winter is setting in I have noticed I have started putting on winter weight. While this may be placebo weight, the fact that I feel heavier is good enough of a reason to rejoin. I have spent the last couple of days quite excited building my new workout programme and am eager to kick it off tonight when I sign up!

Feline friends:

My boyfriends flatmate recently got a ragdoll kitten named Spar. While this cat is absolutely crazy and misbehaved, he LOVES people. So much so that he tries to tunnel into the bedroom and then will follow you around the house when you finally decide to get out of bed. It is always nice feeling like you have a shadow or follower and something that is just so so happy to be in your presence.

Back to baking:

I used to do a lot more baking then I have been doing over the last couple of years. However, now that I have a couple more people to bake for this is something I am picking back up and loving. Matt and I have been cooking a whole lot of slow cooker recipes with the slow cooker my parents have recently got me. Alongside this I have been making a lot of crumbles, fruit muffins and cookies.


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