Floreat was my favourite of all the beaches I visited for many reasons. Before I left New Zealand I knew that it was one of Te’s favourite beaches, so it was one of the first we decided to visit, along with Cottesloe Beach. This was the first Perth beach that I visited and it really set the expectations high for the rest of the trip. Not only was there only a few people on the beach, but the gentle spilling waves gliding up the beach, and the relaxed warm Perth breezes really gave me a good taste for Australian beaches.

We decided it would be a good idea to try catch the beach before the sun set. The day leading up to this had been quite full on, celebrating my 25th birthday, and so we ended up in a mad rush trying to race the setting sun to Floreat Beach. When we got there everything went to a stand still for me. Looking out over the beach from the carpark was gorgeous and it only got prettier as the beach became bathed in brilliant oranges and yellows as the sun started setting below the calm sea horizon. We spent about an hour at Floreat that night just sitting on the beach, and getting some epic photos taken from some lovely people who were enjoying the sunset just like us.

If I ever go back to Perth, this will be the first place I go back to.


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