Well I have not written a blog post in a little while, think almost a couple of weeks now, mainly as I have been way too busy, or tired to throw together a post. I thought instead of writing a post I need to put effort into, I would just give you an update of what I have been doing.

The 9 to 5 slog affects us all in one way or another, but recently I have been really enjoying my job. I got promoted at work a couple of weeks ago, which not so surprisingly has meant a whole new lot of work that I need to do. Most people would think gross, more work. But this has come as a nice relief to me as it staves off boredom, daydreaming of more exciting activities and distractions. Most of my new responsibilities have centered around developing training material for new staff and mapping processes. As I am new to a lot of the work it has been taking me a lot of time to get everything done. This not only means I have been working through most of my work breaks (so I don’t have to do work at home, or on the weekends), but also means I have been too tired to do anything except watch tv and eat when I get home. Actually the highlight of my week so far is pretty much coming home to dinner already made by my partner on Tuesday. That and a nice glass of red wine was exactly what I needed.


I am the type of person that gets addicted, or goes through phases devoting all my time to one thing or another. In the past this has included Sims3, binge watching various tv shows or over committing to sports or music lessons. Currently, I have gone and got myself addicted to the old gameboy advance version of pokemon. I research my pokemon, I dream about my pokemon, and I have been staying up late into the night playing pokemon. Now, for you new people in the room that think I mean this new craze, Pokemon Go, I do not. I have no interest in playing this game, despite being shown it by friends and colleagues alike, the having to walk around everywhere in the middle of winter does not appeal to me. So instead I mean that I am playing the old, game that used to be on Game Boy Advance, the Fire Red Version. This now thankfully, has made it’s way onto phones!

Other things I have been addicted to recently are:

Matt and I have been doing a bit of gallivanting around the Ashburton District over the last couple of weeks, so there are some posts I want to put up about that, and various recipes we have tried as well. The goal is to get most of them up this weekend, but we shall see.


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