A month ago we had a big dumping of snow all over South Canterbury. It snowed in town, it snowed on my drive to work and I was in my element celebrating in the snowy weather! Once all the snow had settled, Matt and I and some of his extended family went on a little walk up near Mount Somers. Mount Somers has some beautifuul day and overnight tramps to do in the summer, but also as it turns out, a magical winding route through the trees on a snow covered day.

We headed up the hill, and by the time we got to the top I was panting and very puffed as the sun blazing and my five layers of clothing did not really mix well together. We made it up to the Blackburn Mine which is halfway to the first camping hut. The view was beautiful across the snow covered hills, and down into the valley where the stream meandered from the hills to the Canterbury plains.


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