Last weekend Matt and I walked to Woolshed Creek Hut with some of his extended family. It was a brilliant day for the walk so we set off in the late morning and put one foot in front of another until we reached the hut a couple of hours later. We did the medium track which is called the Miners Track, the difficult track is the Rhyolite Ridge Track and if you want an easy walk you can access the hut down the Department of Conservation road access. You can also connect to the road track at various points along the Miners Track.

This is the same walk as my previous post, but we added an extra hour onto the walk and had lunch at the hut. This walk to the hut was relatively easy but I did do it without a pack. The walk starts out with a flat walk through the trees and the path winds along a stream. You then enter a relatively steep climb to the Blackburn Mine. This is the hardest part of the walk.


You then walk along the ridge a bit before heading down into a valley and walking up the next side to the Trig Station. This part of the walk is quite varied, so while there are steeper parts it is relatively easy to walk through. I was expecting the walk up the other side of the valley to be a lot more difficult than it was, and with barely coping to walk my bodyweight through this track, this came as a pleasant surprise.


As you walk a bit further you walk over a rise and then come to a vantage point where you can view the hut you are heading too and look out over the foothills of the Southern Alps to the west. This was gorgeous and we did stop there for some time to take a few photos to show our family and friends that we made it.


The hut itself is very well fitted out and can sleep up to 28 people, cooking facilities and a swing bridge nearby you can go see and information about where to hunt for the New Zealand Weta.

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