Today Matt and I thought we would casually walk 12km along the Rangitata Gorge walk and back. It would be an understatement that I was not too excited initially to do a 12km walk on my Saturday afternoon. With a little bit of prompting from Matt, as well as saying he would let me buy a sun visor (has been on my tramping wish list for a while) we headed off on this little walk.

The hardest part of the walk is the beginning! There is a steep climb to the top of the cliff that looks down into the Rangitata Gorge, this left me puffing, red-faced and asking myself if I should just sit on a rock for 4 hours and let Matt journey on.


After this it is a very gentle walk where you trial along beside some paddocks for a good kilometer. The whole way you can see these dizzying drop-offs to the Rangitata River below and as I am scared of heights I spent a bit of time just watching my shoes. The views were absolutely amazing, and from the high viewpoint atop the gorge cliff you can see some way into the distance.


After this you follow the river and wind inland and back around little gullies and there are a few stream crossings. This walk is relatively easy from here on in and as you end up walking down to the river you can hear it crashing past as you wander slowly by.


The path then winds inland over some farmland and you can choose whether to head up t the saddle or down to a river. As we were running short of time because of our late start we decided to head home when the walk headed inland.


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