Milford Sound is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist destinations. Something about the sharp drops of the granite mountains and cliffs into the sound has always seemed to capture both the eye and the cameras. Last week I had the privilege of travelling there for the first time. We arrived just after 5pm after a full day travelling up the southernmost west coastline of the South Island of New Zealand.


The drive to Milford Sound is very picturesque with many stops along the way for photos. The drive winds through native forest and along the banks of Lake Te Anau and various other small lakes. You then head through the Homer Tunnel as you are getting closer to Milford and get to see the mischievous Kea birds that are native to New Zealand.



When we first got there we took a small walk around the sound from the parking area near the i-site to a small lookout point. The weather was not too flash by the time we got there and there was a slight drizzle. It would be amazing to head back there on a crystal clear day and see Milford Sound in the sunlight.

On the way home we stopped off at The Chasm, which is a sight to see and I would definitely recommend stopping off at this location for a look. There is a 5 minute walk (the sign says 15 mins round-trip) to The Chasm through native bush. It is absolutely amazing how the water has tunneled out the massive rocks in the area. You can hear the water crashing down the river to the point it is almost deafening and you definitely need to shout anything you want to say to your fellow travellers. The water has hollowed out smooth circular patterns in the many tonne rocks on the downstream side of the viewing bridge, and leaves you in awe of the power of natural forces.




My advice to travelers visiting this destination is to pack your own food, as there is one multi-purpose eatery souvenir shop that would likely be very expensive to purchase lunch at. Also make sure you aim to get to Milford Sound at low tide for the best views. There are boat tours that you can do on the sound for a bit of a better look. This for us we decided to leave for our next visit!


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