Nugget Point has to be one of the more picturesque locations along The Catlins. There are gorgeous coastal views from the Lighthouse lookout and it is well worth the 10 minute gravel road drive and 15 minute walk to the viewing platform. There are two viewing platforms here. One platform looks north along the coast to the Clutha River and past Kaka Point, the other lookout at the lighthouse looks out to the ocean and south to Roaring Bay.


The lighthouse was established in the 1870s and burned oil, this was changed to diesel generation in the 1950s and then to electricity in 2004. The lighthouse that was established over this time kept sailors from hitting the ‘nugget’ rocks that jut out of the sea and give the point it’s name. A lighthouse keeper was stationed there until the late 1980s.


The lighthouse adds to the stunning coastal views and the whole experience gives the traveler a glimpse into various aspects of New Zealand life such as the history of the lighthouse, south island ecology with the fur seals and yellow eyed penguins and the native trees that fringe the track to the lighthouse.

Visit for more information.

Information on Nugget Point also sourced from Maritime New Zealand

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