Plan with Me: November 2016

This month has a nice spring feel to it from the header that I cut out and resized. This was a nice surprise, as I am pretty sure the lady that released the calendar is American. This month has been a bit more simple in terms of decorating my month pages as this year is flying by so fast I can barely catch up. We had fireworks here over the weekend, and I remember thinking on the Friday night ‘why are you letting off fireworks it is not that time of year yet!‘. Of course it is that time of year, and I cannot believe the first week of November is already over!


This large month grid works really well for me. What tends to happen to me though as I will often have a couple of appointments on the same weekday and won’t have space to list both in this month section of my calendar. Pretty, small post-its would solve this for me but I actually haven’t found any I love. The month grid I did design myself as I could never find one that suited both the month headers I wanted, and the colour scheme or size of my planner.

This month for me is quite busy with my brother coming to visit and a million different little things I need to get done over my limited weekends leading up to the crazy Christmas season and New Year. Because of this I have worked on a new ‘To-Do’ section to write out what I need to accomplish so I don’t forget. It is also going to help (hopefully) use up some leftover planner bits and pieces.


The days of this month are already speeding by and I am proud of myself that I have filled all my appointments (that I currently know of) into the week-by-week section of my planner. This section is definitely the one I use the most in my planner, and is quite fun to decorate, albeit time consuming.


Materials in order of appearance:


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