It is finally December! This means I only have a few more weeks of work until a two week break, my birthday is coming up, and new years is coming up and I am pretty excited about all of these things. Of course, my usual planner pages have a Christmas theme, so my monthly page decorations also have a Christmas theme. Gone pretty light and simple this month through the planner pages for December.


This month page design I decided to keep very simple as I just do not have the time to put a lot of effort into my planner this month. Everything at work has been really busy and from the start of the month we have taken 200 more calls then we did this time last year. So that on top of trying to get all my work done and dusted for the new year, and lunch time Christmas shopping I really have barely had any time to properly use my planner. I haven’t bothered with the notes section of the page, or fancy lettering or creating a cool Christmas tag, even though there are plenty of ideas on pinterest. My 2017 pages also have this notes section and I really need to come up with a good idea on how I will utilise these. I am not sure whether I will just completely paste over them or use them.ย What tends to happen to me though as I will often have a couple of appointments on the same weekday and won’t have space to list both in this month section of my calendar. Pretty, small post-its would solve this for me but I actually haven’t found any I love. The month grid I did design myself as I could never find one that suited both the month headers I wanted, and the colour scheme or size of my planner.


The day-to-day section of my planner is much the same in terms of its simplicity. I have been practicing some new lettering though, and might focus on this a bit more in 2017 instead of decorating my planner pages predominantly with washi tape. I really want to see if I can start collecting some cute post its and stickers though.



Materials in order of appearance:

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