Shortbread by Chelsea Sugar

The shortbread by Chelsea Sugar has to be my favourite shortbread recipe! Simple and classic this recipe is the easiest shortbread recipe I have ever made. It takes the hassle out of shortbread (as shortbread recipes can get unnecessarily over complicated) and has enough give to be able to vary slightly, through either adding nuts, dried fruit or spices.There is nothing quite like the buttery goodness of shortbread alongside a coffee, or hot chocolate and I for one always make sure there are a few shortbreads in the freezer for us.



Depending on how you intend on creating your shortbread cookies it can be worthwhile to add about a 1/2 cup of extra flour to this recipe. If you plan on hand rolling the cookies and flattening, or pricking with a fork then the quantities are fine. If you plan on rolling it into a log before slicing or rolling out and using cookie cutters then I would add a bit more flour. If rolling it out for cookie cutters make sure to flour the rolling board as well as the rolling pin else the batter will stick to everything.



As there is a lot of butter in the recipe please be careful if you are making these on a hot day. Also, if you accidentally melt the butter instead of soften it, you will need to start over or re-purpose the butter for another recipe. This recipe will not work out with melted butter.

Please see the Chelsea Sugar recipe here.

My alternatives to this recipe are below –

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