Goals for 2017

It is that time of year again when you start thinking towards the new year and what you want to be accomplishing in your life. Every year I hope I will be better than the last in accomplishing my goals. Some years I have definitely better than others regardless of how realistic my goals are. The year of 2017 may very well be a big one for my partner and I, and it will be interesting to see how I will juggle my goals and wishes in 2017.

Purchase a home

We have now been in the market for a new home for a few months, and honestly it is a difficult task. We are very much still trying to work out what we want, if we could build, if we would get flatmates and what our priorities are. I can tell you right now it will need open plan living and have good garaging space, and so far this seems a bit hard to come by. As we are having to move in February hopefully we can get something lined up to move into in 2017.


Honestly for me I am just really looking forward to having my own kitchen and a pantry to organise. I realise this is a completely crazy thing to look forward to, but alas each to their own.

Have a fit and healthy lifestyle

While my current lifestyle is pretty alright in terms of fitness and healthy eating, I could be more organised about it, such as weekly meal planning, keeping track of sleep patterns and keeping a more frequent and planned weekly workout schedule, especially as we go into winter in June.

I have purchased the Kikki K Wellness Journal and am looking forward to using this in the new year. I am going to do a product review of this in the new year. I do have a dedicated fitness journal that I will use alongside this as I need more space for what I am doing at the gym, as it often ends up to be a couple of sets on every piece of gym equipment each time I go.


Purchase a new car

My little 1992 Toyota Starlet, Clive is coming up to his 200,000 kms. While he is an absolutely great car he is not overly suited to the long commute I have at 100km/hr everyday. In 2017 I really want to put a lot of pennies aside for a new car, one with a few more cupholders, bluetooth and a good stereo system (the necessities for the commuter). It would also be nice to have a car that does not need a warrant of fitness every 6 months.


Learn a few new skills

I am picking up two major new hobbies in the new year, violin and learning Te Reo Maori. When my great uncle Stan passed away this year I really wanted to learn how to play the violin he gave me years ago to keep his memory going. I have found a family friend to teach me in the new year and I am looking forward to this. Will definitely be nice having my own place to learn this in so I do not annoy all my flatmates.


For my job I come into contact with the Maori language a lot. In New Zealand quite a few of our place names, rivers, lakes and mountains still are the Maori names they were given a long time ago. Additionally, a lot of the rivers can sound very similar despite being at opposite ends of the Canterbury region. So, as it is also part of my work development, I thought I would take a 1-year Te Reo home based learning course. It will be very exciting learning this in the new year, hopefully I do not find it to difficult. I am looking forward to learning my personal mihimihi (introduction). This basically outlines where you come from, your mountain, your river and your people. I will share this with you once I know what it is and how to structure it.

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