Salt and Cinnamon Kale Crisps by Jamie Oliver


Just before the new year all my kale finally got to the stage that I could start harvesting it, and using it to create some new recipes. I personally have never had kale before; I have never grown my own, I have never eaten any at restaurants or bought any from a store, so I am quite excited about how I can use this to make a few new dishes. As my partner has the opinion that kale is only good for feeding cows rather then being a superfood for human beings, I have the task of eating all our kale by myself.


Kale crisps are probably the most well known form of cooking kale. I thought this would be a good starting recipe, and through my google searching I stumbled across Jamie Olivers ‘8 Killer Kale Recipes‘ This is exactly what I need to be off and away on my new kale journey. It seems this recipe was published in his cookbook Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook. I wish I owned this but alas at this point and time I do not, so have just printed it off the internetย and gone from there.

I honestly did not really enjoy the kale crisps at all. I am not sure whether it was because I did not know what I was doing, and there was definitely one kale leaf that did not come out edible, but I really did not like the flavour. They were saved by the salt and cinnamon, but barely. I am not sure whether I do not like the flavour because it is a super healthy leafy ย green, or I did not cook them properly but I do not think that kale crisps will be something I will try again. I might have to try add kale into some other dishes in a different way and see if this makes a difference. I figure that I absolutely love cooked spinach or silverbeet so I should really enjoy kale. Turns out, not as kale crisps.

In terms of my experience there was a bit too much liquid which stopped them going full crispy. I think I may have added a bit too much oil as I was doing a much smaller amount of kale then Jamie uses in his recipe. I also would cut the leaves down a whole lot more, into small bite-sized pieces. I left the stalks in (going against the recipe) out of laziness and that was a bad idea, as when they are crisped up the stalks are relatively tough and not worth the effort to chew through.


To see my post on How to Grow Kale visit here.

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