Drinks January

Summer is always the season of refreshing berry cocktails, sharp lemon or lime mocktails and slow, languid evenings of tasting platters and glasses of pinot gris. This summer will be no different, and if anything I plan on making the most of spending my two weeks off within one of the best wine regions of New Zealand, central Otago.


There are a lot of small things you can do to spice up your classic glass of sauvignon blanc or pinot gris, from the dropped berry in the glass, to a wine granita or a wine and juice mix. I am definitely keen to try out a white wine granita recipe this month, as well as some simple twists to add an extra element to my typical glass of wine.


All of my favourite liquors are best in the summer, with gin and white rum being up among my favourites. I always see hundreds of recipes on pinterest, and many more in the food magazines I collect for cocktails and mocktails at this time of year. While a lot of them can be a bit more expensive if you don’t have the liquor already, they can add a bit of fun to the afternoon drink. It does also help that we have recently purchased and grown quite a lot of garden herbs including thyme, mint and coriander. While mint will probably be the most useful, I am sure I can find ways to use my other herbs.


For all of you people in the midst of winter, and I know there are a few of you, I do have some deliciously rich hot chocolate and coffee recipes tucked away that I can introduce you too. Some of these are a lot easier to make than others, but all of them require a little bit more effort than just boiling the jug and adding a spoon of coffee. So while they are a lot of fun to drink you will need to put in some time to put them together. But really, on a cold day what is better than a cup of hot milk with melted chocolate and spices!

This year I got my partner a nutribullet for Christmas, as we have been doing a little bit of gymming leading up to the summer (he is of course more dedicated than I am). He wanted an easy way to add a bit more protein to his diet as will as fruit and vegetables. So armed with this nutribullet we both should be able to make some absolutely delicious shakes and drinks packed with nutritional goodness. While, the idea of a vegetable smoothie does not excite me right now, maybe I will discover something new that I like this month.

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