Plan with Me: 2017

This year I am still sticking with the mint, gold and pink theme as I really like these colours, and they work well with the colours of my large dark mint Kikki K planner. Before the new year I was able to find bits and pieces to fill most of the pockets of my planner which came as a nice surprise as most of them have been vacant for months. So now that I am all set up to be organised and successful in 2017 I thought I would share my planner set up with you. No doubt I will add things as the year progresses as I just cannot help myself, but for the meantime I am happy with the materials I have.

My Kikki K planner was a gift to me from my partner for my 25th Birthday in 2015. Because I am not a millionaire I cannot afford to buy a new large Kikki K planner every year as they are upwards of $100. Since they are leather they do last, and as it was a gift I hope that I can continue to use the planner for years to come.

The front of my planner is dedicated to a shopping list, which I use a lot of the time as I often have to duck out and pick up a couple of items on my lunch break, and if I do not write myself a list I always seem to forget the most pivotal ingredients in the recipes I intend to cook for dinner. I also have a couple of gift tags and paper clips handy to use as and when I need them and I have been looking for some pretty post it notes to add to this section as well.

The book that sits in the front is for my fortnightly finances. This lists things such as bills, upcoming appointments and costs, other things that I have on my purchasing wish list and also any short term saving goals that I need to work towards. I always have such great hopes for savings at the start of the pay period that start to diminish over time so hopefully having my goals written down will help with savings. I draw most of the information for this out of my long term saving spreadsheet that I have to keep track of my finances over the year.

My first planner section is the calendar section. I have used the Kikki K Large Gold Planner Dividers for 2017 as the dividers that came with my Dark Mint Planner have started falling to pieces a little bit. The cover page above is pasted over one of these though so some of them are still going strong. I really like these dividers but they tend to mark and scratch quite easily and I have almost considered making some clear covers to protect them. In this section I also have a contact me page which fronts the month to month pages that I have in my planner. I don’t intend on ever losing my Kikki K Planner as I would probably have a meltdown after all the hard work I have put into designing it but if I do, hopefully a nice person would return it to me. The ‘she believed she could so she did‘ quote I am pretty sure is made for 5 year olds but I really like it, and the rest is really made out of cardstock and scrapbooking paper.

Introducing my new to do section of my planner! Everyone jump for joy and get super excited about how cool it is and how excited I am about it! I managed to find some beautiful gold, pink and grey to do pages for my planner that are the perfect size! I feel like this will get me excited enough to write down what I need to accomplish from day to day rather then just keeping the list in my mind. I definitely will put no pressure on myself to do this daily as I do not think it is realistic, but sometimes I do get too busy to remember all the little things I need to do if I don’t write them down. The front page is almost like a to do dashboard and I am using some large post it’s from Kikki K for this. The page before is a plastic divider page from Kikki K which will be useful to stick some other heart post it’s to for events that occur once a month such as Ashburton Young Professionals.


After this I have tabs month by month which I will introduce to you as I decorate them, as I have only really done January and February at this stage. I have a new ‘Planning’ Section for my blog as this was all getting a bit chaotic in my own mind. While it is a little bit out of control now I hope over the next couple of months I can really hone in a plan for how to do these pages, but at the moment it is still better having it all haphazard over planner pages then in my mind.

The last but not least item in my planner is the Sweet To Do List by Kikki K. This was a Christmas gift from my partners mother and honestly I was super chuffed about it. I have been trying to find a notepad for so long with a strong cardboard back that fitted into the notepad slot of my Kikki K planner, and I finally have one there now! Not sure what I will use it for at this stage. Might mix it up with my other to do lists and then just clip into my planner.

Materials I used (in order of appearance):

2 thoughts on “Plan with Me: 2017

    1. I absolutely love your material! I am posting my January month page set up over the next couple of days. Friday I think (but remember I am nz so might be your thursday) and that has your Happy New Year one in it! Honestly LOVE your material 🙂 going to instagram and pinterest your pic today too so hopefully more coverage for you


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