Tumeric Detox Tea by The Indian Spot

I thought I would branch out and try a spicy indian green tea for the first time in my life. I thought there was no better time to try a tumeric detox tea then on the eve of my first day back at work for the year. Not quite sure what I would be detoxing from, maybe to make room for better, more productive work habits for 2017. Regardless, after a relatively slow day back at work, I got home and brewed myself a cup of tumeric detox tea.

The recipe only has a few ingredients so is really easy to follow but it was a bit vague as to what to do with the cinnamon stick. If I am to wait for the cinnamon stick to fully dissolve I feel like I would be there forever. So I just left it in.


I have to be honest, it was a very weird sensation to sip at a tumeric flavoured drink, especially as the night prior I had made a vegetable curry with garam masala and tumeric (it was delicious I must add). I do not know if I have ever used tumeric in a non-indian dish. I feel like tumeric baked cauliflower would be delicious but this is yet something I am to make. Another idea for another day. Going into making this tea I really didn’t think I would enjoy it that much, I think I envisaged the tea to come out really potent and not enjoyable. While it was odd to sip at a drink with spices in it, I really enjoyed it and I have been telling a lot of people at work to try it out. I will definitely make this again.

There are a couple of other recipes on the website that I got this recipe off but as I do not currently own a teapot or any green tea leaves I will have to leave that until my tea and coffee station is more well stocked.

Have you tried this out?ย Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts if you give this a go! (@lana_hollaย and #splatteredapron) I would love to seeย how yours turns out!

Original recipe can be found here.


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