Coming up to the end of last year I decided to make some changes with my blog. To Chase The World was initially for travel related material and was really born out of my trip to see my best friend in Perth. ย Over 2016 this took on a life of it’s own and I began added posts from my day to day life, about my Kikki K Planner, gardening and some cooking and baking I have been getting up to. While some of the material relates a bit more to travel, and creativity such as gardening or my planner, the cooking and baking I was getting up to didn’t really seem to fit and was not that popular. Out of this I decided to launch a new blog Splattered Apron. You may have noticed I started taking a lot of this material off my blog late last year, it is a bit of a process and one day I will have it all migrated over. If you are following this blog for my baking endeavours, and I know there are a few of you, it may be time for you to follow my other blog.


I have also manged to get my pinterest account up and running and semi reflective of the material I am wanting to review for my blogs, or some of the images from my blog posts. Quite enjoying doing this and finally actually having a purpose for my pinterest. Go ahead and check this out if you want to be able to see some of the more historic things that are on this blog. Will also give you an idea of what I could be blogging about over the coming weeks.


I have also set up an instagram where the cover image of most posts will go up. I am also uploading pictures when I go on walks, or to places I want to blog about on To Chase The World, so click the little pictures that pop up if you want to know where the spot is. If you try any of the recipes out I post on Splattered Apron then please either tag me @lana_holla or tag #splatteredapron or #tochasetheworld. Please go and follow also.

‘I Love Blogs, and Pinning’ Quote from Poofy Cheeks

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