Plan with Me: January 2017

A new year means a new planner layout! While I am still using the same colour scheme as I was last year as I absolutely loved the combination of pink, mint and gold, I have some new material in my planner which I am so very excited to use. This year I plan to be a bit more flexible with the weekly pages layouts, but am still having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas for the monthly pages. I am subscribed to the Kikki K Youtube Channel which is really helpful! The good thing is that I now have owned a Kikki K Planner for an entire year which means I finally understand what I use and do not use and what I want in my planner to be more organised and on top of life.


Last year I used some month to month pages by Short Stop Designs (she has released a 2017 calendar which I have plans for) but this year I decided it would just be easier to purchase the 2017 calendar pages by Kikki K and decorate them from there. If you want to see how I decorated my planner in 2016 using the Short Stop Designs month headers please see my pinterest board ‘Kikki K Planner 2016‘. I find it most difficult to come up with ideas for decorating the month to month pages. I don’t know why but I struggle to find a good layout without spending a lot of money, which for me is just not an option for 2017. I decided to use the scrapbooking paper I have for this month cause it kind of has a party theme. While I have somewhat limited holidays through January it is still nice to try and celebrate the New Year with a fun, yet random party theme. I do love gold, and have incorporated the glitzy gold traditional New Years look into other aspects of my planner pages for this month. Putting these planner pages together was quite time consuming, particularly the envelope as I started making it before I had a real plan of how to put it together. The envelope will mainly be used for appointment cards and fuel vouchers. I decided to add the cleaning schedule back into my planner from The Handmade Home. I had this in the beginning of my 2016 planner but removed it. Now that I have a more predictable lifestyle, as I am not living as a gypsy between my partners and my own homes, I tend to have a relatively regular cleaning schedule.


The day-to-day section of my planner is much the same in terms of its simplicity. This section is fronted by my goals for the month, which I actually accidentally started writing my goals for the year this month. I guess I will be accomplishing a lot in January. Not sure if I will become a virtuoso violinist in a few weeks though.

I have been practicing some new lettering, and might focus on this a bit more in 2017 instead of decorating my planner pages predominantly with washi tape. I really want to see if I can start collecting some cute post its and stickers as well. I absolutely love the Summer Watercolour Theme Planner Kit by Blitsy Freebies! This was perfect for one of my two weeks off work and I loved filling it in, was a bit of a disappointment that the weather that week did not reflect the planner theme which is why I didn’t do many of the winery tours or the walks. The writing was inspired by one of the planner youtubers that I follow, Danielle (LePooke) where I got the writing idea from her ‘Plan with Me // Rose Gold and Mint‘ Video.


I wanted to try a week theme with post it notes as I have seen a couple of youtube planner vloggers just paste them in. Honestly, this is actually my least favourite week, which I think is mainly cause I am not sure if I like the purple/beige colour of the post it notes. Hoping to order some post it notes from Kikki K and off Ali Express sometime over the next couple of months and then maybe I will try this decorating style again. Each week I add in some note paper to write our ‘draft food plans’ on to get an idea of what days I have not sorted out. I have created a cute glittery tag to make the current week in my planner so I can easily navigate straight to the right page.


The next two weeks aren’t so planned yet in terms of daily activities, although they will definitely fill out with appointments, friend catch ups and daily to do’s.  Often the few lines I get each day are quite not enough, and some weeks I do end up with post it over post it to fit everything in. Next week two of my best friends have birthdays on the same day, so this weekend I get an excuse to do some shopping, and currently that is the only thing I need to accomplish this weekend which means a sleep in! Was fun using some of the Kikki K Oh So Pretty Happy Birthday tags (unfortunately this line is discontinued, which I get sad about because it has actually been my favourite line to date). I have never actually got myself organised enough to attach these to presents, but maybe once I have decided what to get Anna and Charlie for their birthdays I will be able to use them. Maybe I will attach it to the two presents for my friends this month now that I have a gift tag reminder in my planner. The ‘Happy New Year’ quote is from Pretty Bows and Twinkle Toes, and I have used this as a quote card that is moving from week to week.



In each day to day section I have a quote divider page that separates the calendar pages from the note pages and meeting note pages. This makes it easy to clip the calendar pages too of the upcoming weeks, gives me a chance to add more quotes and envelopes and helps everything seem a bit more organised and sectioned.


Materials in order of appearance:

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