Our summer holidays this year were spent in Arrowtown, near Queenstown in Central Otago, New Zealand. Unfortunately the weather was not very good, and there was one day that we actually saw snow clouds on some of the hills. Needless to say, we have basically missed summer this year. We only managed to do one of the many walks that we listed down on our first night in Arrowtown, and I honestly I about froze. This of course led me to don some very entertaining walking attire for the first part of the journey. If my partner did not have a job that occasionally required some field work I am not sure I would have made it back to camp, and had I, I would have been very grumpy. I bet you can’t spot me!


The Moke Lake Track is just over 7km long and because of this I managed to hit my steps for the day, which barely ever happens! The track is a really easy walk which you can do in sneakers as opposed to tramping boots. It is not suitable for jandals (or thongs for you non-New Zealanders). The walk is gentle, with well developed tracks. If you do it in the summer you will wander past patches of daisies and buttercups, as well as some small dripping water falls. While waterfalls may be an overstatement, it is nice to wander past and hear them lazily trickling down the hillside.


The lake is a sort of horseshoe shape, and you can walk out to the tip of the ‘island’ that is basically the top of the inner horseshoe bend. Because the walk is so easy it lets you bask in the beauty of the New Zealand landscape, particularly that of the South Island. I have always had a soft spot for mountains, I like seeing the different ranges overlap as the fad into distant blue. I always find myself wondering what the valley looks like next to the mountains I can see in the distance, or get captivated how the clouds always seem to cling to them. Moke Lake walk gives a lot of great views, especially as you wander up the steep sides of the lake and I spent a good few minutes filming, and watching the clouds darken and glide across the sides of the mountain. You can view my little video here.


The walk out to the centre of the lake is really nice and shaded by trees. There is a spot at the end to sit down and chill out. This would be a really nice spot for a picnic if you are up to carrying food into the site. There is no picnic blanket but it is a pretty view from this spot. You are at about halfway at this point of the walk.

The walk sets off from the Moke Lake campground and takes about 2 hours to walk around if you take minimal stops. There are some other walks in the area at varying distances that would be nice to try one day but we did not get the chance this time around. You can access the information on how to get to the track here.



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