Peach & Ginger Sparkling Iced Tea by Barkers Geraldine

I wanted to make another fun, fruity summery drink that was non-alcoholic for my blog. I looked at quite a few recipes on pinterest but all had ingredients I don’t have in the pantry, are quite expensive or hard to find. I ended up on the Barkers Geraldine website which is a company in New Zealand that produces jams, jellies, pickles and fruit syrups. They have a lot of recipes for baking and making drinks that incorporate their products. I have tried a lot of the fruit syrups that they supply in the past and really enjoy the Blackcurrant Fruit Syrup and theΒ Rhubarb with Raspberry and Rosehip Fruit Syrup. I was going through their drinks recipes and stumbled across the Peach Iced Tea one and as I went through the list I realised I already had most of the ingredients and decided I would try it out.


This was relatively easy to make apart from having to blend the peach. The peaches we have were a little bit under ripe so it was very hard to get the stone out of the fruit. We then also don’t have a blender so I ended up having to microwave the peach bits in the lime juice to break it down enough to use my egg beater to turn it to a little bit of a mush. Even then it managed to defy me, and remain inΒ . I really loved the flavours of the Brewed Ginger Beer that they have recently released and it will definitely be a product I continue to buy. Luckily for now we have a lot of the syrup left.

My partner and I both really enjoyed the drink. It would have been better if we were able to completely blend the peach, but it got close enough and it still tasted delicious regardless. With all the fruit syrup and sparkling water you could barely taste the green tea. Also as 15 minutes is not enough time to completely chill the tea, the ice cubes do melt relatively quickly, although they do win out. You will just need to pack your drink full of ice cubes. I really recommend trying this out. You would be able to substitute the fruit syrup for a similar ginger and lemon syrup.

You can view the recipe here. Let me know if you try it out in the comments below and what you think!


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