Kikki K Haul: Thrive (again)

The fact I have done two reviews on the Thrive collection by Kikki K should tell you how much I absolutely love it without me having to say anything. They recently had a sale so I decided to pick out a couple more of the cheaper materials in this line. So introducing my new Kikki K material for my planner! On top of the materials I bought, it all came wrapped in this cute tissue paper with little birds and houses. I have photographed my new Kikki K stationery on top of the tissue paper. This is actually perfect timing as I can wrap a friends new, grey casserole dish in it and make it so much prettier for her!

20170116_145629Notepaper book:

Honestly, this is a lot more than I was expecting. It is over 1 cm thick with paper pages you can add to your planner in all sorts of ways! I am looking forward to using this in my planner. I think I will use a couple of pages for to do lists, and general notepaper as well as for decorating the section dividers or the blank spaces that you get on the month pages for those months with 28 days. I absolutely love all the pages! They are all pink pages if you are more interested in the mint green thrive collection. I really like the pink. Both parts of this collection are great but I really prefer the pink and gold colouring to the mint and silver. The pages are the exact right size for the Large Kikki K planners and so really suit me, but would need to be adjusted accordingly for the other sizes. The paper is so adorable and pretty and a really good paper thickness for using in either planners or as scrapbooking paper. I also got this cool freebie piece of paper that kind of shows you some of the pages in mini form which I have kept to cut some of the mini pages out of, especially as one of them is a heart and I will be able to use somewhere in my planner.

This can be purchased here.

20170116_145708Gift Tags:

I thought the gift tags were really cute and that I could dangle them off my planner or put them in some of Kikki K pockets that I have for extra planning materials. Once receiving them I actually thought they were much to pretty to just dangle off my planner and have them get damaged in my handbag. I haven’t yet come up with a use for these, but I am sure I will be able to think of a way to use them in my lovey-dovey February Valentines spread I am planning.

Visit Kikki K to pick up a couple of these!

Greeting Card:


I only got one of these but they have a lot of different options. I wanted a card that was for my planner, like an inspirational quote. Kikki K do put out quote cards for each of their lines but they are a bit more expensive so I just went with a gift card. I choose this one as it was unrelated to a special event. I am going to use this as a quote card in my planner, so have already cut the back off the quote card. I am also going to use the envelope to keep a hold of receipts and meal plans as I go through the weeks. This will replace the temporary measure I have of just clipping the notepaper into my planner week by week.

Materials used in header image:



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