Bob’s Cove is a sleepy little bay within Lake Wakatipu that can be accessed from the road or by boat. It is an absolutely beautiful spot and offers a lot of different things to do. Over the summer break this year we stopped by Bob’s Cove for a bit of water skiing, sun bathing and for a little walk. The walk down to Bob’S Cove is accessible from the Glenorchy-Queenstown Road. There is a small carpark to leave the car and then a 10 minute walk down to the cove. This can be relatively exhausting if you are carrying a lot of beach equipment. If you want to get to Bob’s Cove by boat you can leave your car and boat trailer at Twelve Mile Delta that is a couple of stops before Bob’s Cove and then just jet around.


Because the bay is enclosed it can be a great spot for a bit of water skiing. It is often more sheltered than the rest of the lake, but can get very busy in the summer as we found out. The bay at the peak of the sunny day probably had about 10 boats sitting on the shore and speeding past with water skiers and biscuiters. Regardless, it does offer a good day of water skiing, where you can basically ski up one side of the bay and then back down the other. A wetsuit will definitely be required as the water that feeds into the lake keeps it a chilly 12°C.


There is a nice walk from the shores of the cove up to the top of the hill that overlooks the bay. This is a relatively easy walk which takes about 20 minutes. It is not very easy to do in jandals, so I would really recommend walking up the hill in sneakers at least, as it is steep in some places on the way down depending on which way you head up the hill. The track splits a little way up and you can chose to go either way around and it loops through at the top of the hill. There is a good spot to take some photos that look into the bay, and a bit of a view off into the distance towards the centre of Lake Wakatipu.

There is not a lot of tree cover on one side of the track so if it is a sunny day make sure you slap on some sunscreen and a hat. I did get a little bit sunburnt doing this short walk, so it can happen even if you are only out of tree cover for ten minutes. The walk is quite varied, there are parts that are flat, and steep parts of the track. You have to climb over some tree roots and scurry up or down some loose shingle parts of track. The latter is the part of the track that requires more sturdy footwear. There are signposts along the track that you can read about the limestone mining that used to occur in the area.


See more information on how to access Bob’s Cove and the track here.

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