Kikki K Fitness Journal

20170120_114807When we went into the Kikki K store in Christchurch last year to buy me some new planner calendar pages for 2017 I stumbled across one of their fitness and nutrition journals, and with the Christmas bargains I could not help myself. I do really like this fitness journal and I bought it to use this year, so I guess I better had. I thought I would share this with you so you can get an idea of what is in it, and if it would be something that would help you be a more fit and healthy individual.

The first section in the journal is dedicated to goal setting, and there are A LOT of boxes for setting goals. For me, my goals seem to remain the same for a long period of time mainly as I struggle to meet them. So I really don’t think I will use all of the pages up by the end of the year.

The goal setting pages have space for you to set an accomplishment date and provide reasons as to why you want to set this goal, how you are going to accomplish you goal and what the reward for your efforts would be if you met the goal. I like writing the goals down, but I personally found having to provide reasons for the goals a bit over the top. I can understand how this sort of goal setting would appeal to a lot of people though.


The next, and largest section of the journal is dedicated to nutrition and fitness. This gives a daily food log where you can fill in what you had for each meal and at what time, and also the calories present in the food. This will be good for me as with the way my work breaks are scheduled I tend to eat a lot in the morning, but not a lot in the afternoon which can make the gym harder later in the evening. I am not a fan of calories. This is too difficult to calculate the calories in my sandwich and too time consuming so I probably won’t be using that section of the nutrition planner. The exercise section is at the bottom third of the page and to be honest is quite small. As I go with my partner I often end up stuck at the gym for longer than what I know what to do with. This means I basically end up doing a couple of sets on almost every piece of gym equipment. While I eat everyday, I definitely don’t exercise daily either. I guess for me a page per exercise time would work better for me.


The last section is dedicated to monitoring your sleep and helping you discover your patterns of where you could improve your sleeping patterns. For me personally a sleep phone app is probably more suitable as then I can have a daily log without having to write it all down. Lazy I know. This journal gives you space to write down when you fell asleep and woke up and any disruptions. What I like is that you can tick a box on how quickly you fell asleep and how you felt and what you did before bed. I really like this aspect, and I think I would learn most about what to do or not do so that I feel the best and most ready for the day ahead.


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