Plan with Me: February 2017

The month of February in New Zealand comes complete with a public holiday, Waitangi Day, and also the excitement of Valentines Day. This of course, made it relatively easy to decorate my planner this month as I have more holidays planned than usual.



The planner printables for my month calendar page I designed myself, and from there I just accentuated these planner pages with some Kikki K stickers and the gift card I purchased in December 2016. I designed the printables to fit the Kikki K 2017 planner pages I have as I wanted to decorate this month without using a lot of washi tape, as I usually would. Initially I designed these with full colour, but they were difficult to write on with my black ink pens. I used the simple headings in these boxes as I often glance at this section wanting to know the main thing I have on or need to remember. Again, the quotes while very simple white boxes with text, suit the basic theme for the month and I have just added a gold foil heart produced by The Bold Abode to spice things up. You can see the reviews of the Kikki K sticker set and the gift card I did on my blog. On top of all this I have been thinking about sticking a little quote onto the gift tag, but haven’t decided which yet and am happy that I finally found a way to design something to fill in the notes section of the month planner pages.


The theme for my week to week section was meant to centre around mint green, which is why I choose a quote for the divider page that had a lot of green in it. I very quickly worked out this wouldn’t suit the clear pink themes everyone is doing for February and Valentines Day. As like last month I have included a habits tracker but have changed some of the categories around to better suit my February goals, and make me more likely to meet some of them, especially as I never came close to making it to bed by 10pm throughout the whole of January.



My week to week section again begins with my goals page. This month I was more on top of life and didn’t make the mistake of detailing my goals for the year rather than the goals for the month.  I wanted to try something out this month that was less structured than last month, and really like the white flags atop a very busy background. Pineapples are always fun too! Already bought me some cute pyjamas so I am well on the road to being successful this month. I decided to add an additional quote card for the month as well as I stumbled across this cute adventure quote by Behance. This will move through the weeks and act as a divider so I don’t get overwhelmed by all the task I need to squash into my week. On the flipside I have incorporated a quote from The Handmade Home 2017 printable planner and one of the Kikki K Gift Tags I purchased in December.


I had a lot of fun creating the first half week of February as we were going to stay in a hut overnight for Waitangi weekend. As we were heading into Inverary Hut for some hiking, swimming and late night card games I thought an adventure theme would suit. The adveture words are from Miss Kate Cuttables and I purchased a few cause they were a nice cheap price. I also love how she does a freebie of the day!


The following week was the lead into valentines so I wanted to have a week that had a lot of pink. As I had recently purchased the Thrive Notepad by Kikki K (line discontinued but see my review here) I decided to use a page from that. The simple change worked well for the week as it is still really easy to write over. I decided to move the envelope and chores chart that I had in the month section into the week section of my planner due to the design of the month pages not suiting.


The following week I used a printable planner kit. I am actually not sure who produced this as I have lost the credit, so if you know then let me know. I like the colours and style but the boxes were impossible to write on so I ended up just pasting white paper over them anyways which defeated the purpose. Would have been better if the patterns were faded out in the boxes so they can be used as mini quote boards or for detailing workouts, nutrition or meal plans. Additionally, these aren’t designed for the Kikki K Planner so not the best fit in terms of size.

The next week is my favourite! It does go back to me creating a week plan solely with washi tape, but I really like the finished look.


The last half week of February was really fun to decorate as the planner printables I choose from Made In A Day were better than the others in terms of having a lighter colour palette and space to write on what you are wanting to manage. This made it a lot easier to decorate with and envision how I was going to use them over the course of the week.


Materials in order of appearance:

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