Golden Oat Cookies by Chelsea Winter

Try these gorgeous Golden Oat Cookies by Chelsea Winter. Great to dunk into a cup of tea or take along on a camping trip.

Over the long weekend for Waitangi Day in 2017 we drove into Inverary Hut. I wanted to take along some nice treats to munch on next to the fire while we played cards or to take with us if we decided to go on a little bit of a walk. I thought some sort of oat, grain or muesli cookie would go down a treat as would keep us well fueled while also providing a nice little hit of sugar.

I stumbled across the Golden Oat Cookie recipe by Chelsea Winter in her cookbook Homemade Happiness. I have cooked quite a few recipes out of this cookbook and they have all turned out really well. All of the ingredients in this recipe are typically found in any pantry and so makes this recipe relatively inexpensive. On top of this it was really easy to throw together and I was basically done from start to finish within 40-50 minutes (not including cooling time).

I found the mixture for this recipe really interesting as there is a higher amount of oats than there is flour. To me, this made me feel like I was making a crumble recipe as I was adding in the coconut, oats, flour and cinnamon. It is crucial to use butter that is at room temperature, as specified in the recipe, as it really affects the consistency of the batter. I was trying to bake these cookies under a time limit straight after work so softened the butter in the microwave and it made the mixture really wet. I ended up having to dry it out with a bit more flour. So my main piece of advice is cook these biscuits on a day where you can bring your butter to room temperature, or prepare this beforehand.


The batter for this cookie recipe is delicious, something about combining brown sugar and butter always feels good and I had to try really hard to not eat all the mixture before I managed to turn it into cookies. The mixture once both the wet and dry ingredients are combined comes out relatively thick, and it would have been even more so if the butter I used was cooler. Don’t be worried about this because somehow the cookies turn out very soft in the middle.


In terms of cooking you want to get the cookies as golden as possible to ensure that you cook the oats enough so they are not chewy. If you pull them out early they will be under-cooked and not as enjoyable. If you get it right though these cookies are amazing. I was expecting the typical oat cookie that has too much golden syrup and it very chewy and hard to eat. I am not sure if because when I think oats and biscuit I imagine ANZAC biscuits that are typically very chewy but I was quite pleasantly surprised with this recipe. The biscuits come out soft, crumble in your mouth and also leave you feeling satisfied. They are great to dunk in a cup of coffee. The cookies are very light, with lots of air pockets and as such soak up coffee really well.

This is definitely a recipe I would try again and really recommend it. The biscuits come out really soft and this is the main reason why this recipe is my favourite of any oat cookie I have ever made or tried. See Chelsea Winter’s recipe here, or see page 160 of the Homemade Happiness cookbook.


Have you tried this out and was this review helpful?ย Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts if you give this a go! (@lana_hollaย and #alannamarise) I would love to seeย how yours turns out!

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