Last weekend in New Zealand was a public holiday for Waitangi weekend. For the long weekend my partner and I invited ourselves on a trip with his aunty, uncle and cousins to go spend some time in the hills behind Mount Somers on the sheep station, Inverary Station. The station has a little hut that is nestled in a little valley down a long bumpy gravel race and next to a little stream. The hut was built many years ago, and Matt’s uncle helped put the hut together. The hut is available to those that have a connection with the owners of the station, and I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and spend a night out in the middle of nowhere.


The two days we were there were absolutely scorching hot, which is about the only summer days we have got all year. Luckily there was a nice stream for swimming in, although there was some panic about eels being in the river, or not being able to see what was underneath you as you swam around. The hot summer weather enticed most of us into the river in the early afternoon of the Saturday, although I pottered around in the long grasses and made friends with a pretty moth that I named Reece. It is always nice bonding with nature, and we definitely got a lot of opportunities to do this over the couple of days we were at the hut.


After this Matt’s cousin wanted us to meander over to the small dam, and waterfall with him. He wasn’t too keen to get in the icey cold water under the waterfall initially, but once Matt was in, he jumped in too. There is nothing quite like having a swim in and under a waterfall and it was fun to watch them sit under the waterfall and get covered in streams of water.


After that we spent a lot of time sitting around chatting while the boys went off and shot a couple of rabbits. Other friends arrived, and a brand new puppy and we just sat around enjoying the sun and nibbling on various snacks that we had brought with us. Dinner was a barbeque and there were so many options it was hard to choose what you wanted most. After that people wanted to go hunting again so I decided to tag along. We did not find too many rabbits or possums to shoot but it was fun driving around the hills in the dark trying to stun the animals. The night finished off with a game of cards and some star gazing before we got into our little hut beds and sleeping bags.


The next day started off with Matt and I having the responsibility to cook toast over a campfire. This was a bit of a challenge, and required a bit more patience than I really possess. It was quite fun to pretend we were cave people and cook everything over an open fire. When this was paired with the bacon and eggs it all turned out really delicious!



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