Coriander, Ginger and Chilli Butter Chicken by Gordon Ramsay

A few weeks ago my coriander plant went crazy and I was trying to find any recipe I had that used coriander, large amounts or small amounts. When I searched ‘coriander’ in my Eat Your Books account this Gordon Ramsay recipe came up first and honestly I thought it looked delicious, so it was quickly added to the list alongside a Chelsea Winter recipe and a warming slow cooker casserole.

This recipe had a lot of steps which are thankfully written in a paragraph format. The steps would seem less daunting if there was not so much day-before meal preparation to undertake for the marinade. Additionally, the dry frying of the seeds and then smashing with a mortar and pestle seemed a bit too complex and finicky for me as I tried to throw this together for dinner one tuesday night. I would suggest making this dish in the weekend as it does take a little bit of time to sort out and there are many things that you need to have on the go at once.


I pretty much made the recipe to the letter except for we do not own a mortar and pestle. With also not being able to locate coriander seeds in any of the specialty food aisles of the Ashburton supermarkets I just left these couple of steps out, and used ground versions of those herbs instead.


Like many of his other recipes all the work that is required for this recipe is well worth it. This is one of the most delicious indian recipes I have ever made, and it was fun reading the blurb in the cookbook about why Gordon invented this recipe, and where the inspiration came from. I would definitely recommend making this when you have some spare time one weekend night. The fragrant spices in this dish definitely make it stand out and it will leave you wanting more. There are a lot of spices, and it is always fun adding them and watching them vividly colour the dish, particularly the tumeric. I can safely say that I will never ever need to make a different sort of butter chicken to this recipe, or need to order indian take out again.


There is nothing I could fault with this dish. If you are wanting to impress someone with your culinary prowess then this is the recipe to do it with. You can view Gordon Ramsay’s cookery course video on youtube. This recipe was initially released as a part of this course and I love all the handy kitchen tips that are a part of this series.

Have you tried this out and was this review helpful? Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts if you give this a go! (@lana_holla and #alannamarise) I would love to see how yours turns out!

Disclaimer: When I review recipes on my site that are not mine I always link through to an online version of the recipe, as it is not mine to claim originality or credit for. I also do not believe that changing one ingredient, or one measure of an ingredient makes it your recipe.


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