Triple Chocolate Brownie by Chelsea Winter

Lately it seems that I cannot escape Chelsea Winter. My friends rave about her, people are posting her recipes on instagram and well I own one of her cookbooks. This of course has culminated in me cooking four of her recipes in the last couple of weeks, including her delicious Golden Oat Cookies. I also really want to serve up her Italian Chicken Bake with Herb Vinaigrette again as it was so delicious last time.

Recently one of my friends made chocolate brownies and brought one into work to share with me, which was very nice of her. They were very delicious and I was very thankful, but it made me realise that I have not made chocolate brownies in years. With two Nigella Lawson cookbooks, one cookbook dedicated solely to chocolate and many other baking cookbooks you would think that I would stumble across chocolate brownie recipes more often. But somehow, they have not featured in my weekly Sunday baking in a long time. However, with the memory of the soft, gooey chocolate brownie my friend made I set off on my endeavour to find a great chocolate brownie recipe to try, and of course I found Chelsea Winter’s Triple Chocolate Brownie. With a roll of my eyes, and a skip in my step I headed off to pick up the couple of ingredients I needed.

These brownies are delicious, but I found the cooking experience a bit dubious. Many times I caught myself wondering if these would ever amount to delicious brownies. The mixtures comes out very dark, almost black. Not a soft caramel brown you get used to when cooking chocolate cakes, or chocolate muffins. It’s like someone turned all the lights out then put a blindfold on you as well. At this stage I thought the brownie might be like biting into a bag of cocoa powder. The mixture is also VERY thick. The Chelsea Winter baking recipes I have tried so far always seem to have very thick mixtures. I do not know why but I thought it may not come together, may not cook through or sink in the middle. Spooning it into the tin was a two person job as the mixture was quite cohesive and managed to stick to the spoon, the bowl and a wayward finger. Anything but the baking paper lined ovenproof dish.


When cooking, they take a while. Prepare to be second guessing yourself, third guessing yourself and wondering if you will ever be able to take it out of the oven and sink your teeth into the gooey texture. The recipe does promise a relatively soft, gooey brownie and that is what I had got my hopes up to devour later with a spoonful or two of whipped cream. But eventually this brownie does come together and you do want to take it out of the oven before it is completely cooked through. Make sure your skewer comes out clean of course, but you still want the mixture to seem a bit too soft.

This brownie is delicious though. You will not be able to stop yourself. My friend thought it was amazing. I of course shared a couple of pieces of this brownie with her as that is what friends do. My boyfriend thought they were amazing, and I have to admit he came home from work one night to discover his girlfriend had been naughty and ate the last three pieces in one sitting. It is fair to say I still probably need to do a few more gym sessions to alleviate the guilt of my triple chocolate binge.

You can find the recipe here.


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