February turned out to be a very busy month for me, particularly at work, which has obviously affected my energy levels for the things i of outside of work. It is fair to say I have put in nowhere near as many hours as I usually do into my planner set up and this has affected what I have set up for March. Last month I barely used my Habits Tracker, so just kept it out for this month, maybe until I manage to get my life a bit more organised. So this month it is just fun quote cards and a pretty design, nothing to fancy.


My month planner pages ended up being quite simple, and I basically just did a glittery washi tape theme with a bit of pink running through it. I have added a few Kikki K stickers to spice it up. But it really came out quite simple due to not having a lot of time to dedicate to coming up with a proper theme. I also thought nothing really special was occurring in March so had no clear idea of what I wanted to do. I have managed to work out how to use the notes section now, and as I always forget when my best friend is up to, it is a nice little area to keep this information rather than having to write everything in. The month of March looks pretty light for me mainly as I have surgery right at the start of it which means I won’t be going to squash for a few weeks, or the gym.

I have designed an envelope for this month as do like to keep my fuel saving receipts in my planner as it is always with me. It also spices things up a bit, and with the Kikki K Thrive notepaper and stickers I think it brings this layout together.


This month I printed out some To Do List pages from one of my favourite planner websites Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes. The basic Black and White theme is so easy to work with and customise into your planner, or just leave the way it is and use a super pretty glitter pen. The sizing doesn’t perfectly fit my planner, but does well enough when using washi tape. Printed out ten of these for this month!

For the divider I decided to use some of my new Kikki K Thrive stickers, as they magically have the three colours I have chosen for my theme this year. I really like the quotes, and this divider will be easy to re-utilise in the future. I added in a quote card as well to give me further inspiration for the month of March, and to use as a mini dashboard for planner materials I often use like gift tags and paperclips.


The Goals Page for March is very simple just like the rest of my planner material for march. I decided to just use some Kikki K Thrive note paper and just jot down my goals in a list format, so that I could add things over the course of the month.


The first week of March actually worked out to be the same planner pages as the last week of February, which meant I had actually already completed some pages before I sat down to design this month. I thought it would be a good idea to show you how this fills out over the month, so I have compared the pages from when I released my February layout (first image) and the complete version from the first week of March (second image). The planner layout stickers for this week are from Made In a Day. I have actually got my eye on some printables from this blog to add in for April.


The next weeks layout focused around some planner printables that I downloaded off Planner Addiction. I really liked these and how fun the theme is. There are sooo many little cut outs that you have the option of using and I think you could probably decorate almost three weeks out of one of her planner printables. The week for me didn’t end up being too filled out as I was mostly in recovery mode, but I like how easy it is to write over these printables and use them. They are very much designed for full time workers, that are completely too busy trying to do life, which makes them perfect for me.


The week following is really my favourite planner layout probably of the whole year so far. I just love all the shiny gold. Looking forward to adding stuff into this week and seeing the finished product. All of the materials used for this layout are from stationary warehouse stores, so none of it was that expensive. While it is really nice to always buy Kikki K, it is a lot more expensive.


The last full week of March I decided just to have some fun with some stickers that I picked up and washi tape and see what I could throw together and I am really happy with it. Not having the space to outline my weekly meals does complicate things a little bit and I may need to find another way to add this into my planner going forward.


Materials in order of appearance:

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