Banks Peninsula is a stunning area near Christchurch, New Zealand and is definitely a spot you want to visit if you are coming to the South Island of New Zealand for a holiday. Banks Peninsula incorporates many coastal townships including Akaroa, Duvauchelle, Takamatua and Port Levy all with something a little bit different to offer.


The drive through Banks Peninsula is definitely one to do as there is a lot to see and you could easily spend a day travelling from one small coastal town to the next. There are a lot ofΒ walks you can do in the area, most of which would have gorgeous views of the area. I am yet to do any myself, but I think they would have a lot to offer.



To find out more about the Banks Peninsula area see my blog post on Banks of the Peninsula, or for more information on the small township of Akaroa, read about my Afternoon in Akaroa.

Go see my pinterest board dedicated to Banks Peninsula, Christchurch, New Zealand for more images of this gorgeous area!

Map sourced from Google Earth Maps.


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