Yet again it was time for some new Kikki K planner materials, and this time around I decided to buy a few items from the Embrace Creativity line that Kikki K has just released. As usual I got the Sticker Book and one of the pens (because you can never have too many pretty pens) and some of the inspiration cards. I did also buy some post-its from the Sweet collection which I will share with you.

Embrace Creativity Sticker Book

I always love the sticker books, the stickers that Kikki K produce are always gorgeous and really add a lot to my planner pages. This sticker book is no different. I really love how there are a lot of larger stickers in this book as they will be great for inspiration pages. There also seems to be more sticker pages in this collection than in some of the other sticker books but maybe that is just my excitement talking. The last two pages are dedicated to larger gift tags that come in different shapes like circles to the usual gift tags that Kikki K incorporates into their sticker books and I really like this as it will add a bit more of original creativity to my planner pages, which isn’t this the whole point of the collection!

I am going to use some of these stickers to design the month of April, along with prinatables off various planner websites. I have included a preview for you below! Here we come April!


Embrace Creativity, Creativity Prompts

I absolutely love these cards. They are not as much what I thought I was getting as they really make you think about how your life is organised from routines, to desk layouts and your thoughts on certain subjects. It is so nice to be reminded sometimes that small changes really can make a difference in your life and in others, and this is what these cards do for me. Some of these cards will definitely be going into my planner, but part of me wonders if I should be starting a journal that I can incorporate these cards in. Not sure to venture out on my own, or buy the Kikki K Creativity Journal that is geared around this. I feel like the latter would be more achievable for myself. Anyways I cannot wait to use these cards in my planner, and find other ways to use them in my life, maybe I will put some on the fridge door.


Embrace Creativity Gel Pen

There is not much you can say about a humble pen to be fair, but I really like all the Kikki K pens. I always buy the gel pens when I need to as I like the black gel look in my planner. Recently I have just been using calligraphy pens, so will be nice to go back to the standard gel pen and not have to use up my expensive pens.

Oh So Sweet Sticky Notes

I do have some planner materials from the Kikki K Oh So Sweet collection, and I have had my eye on the three bug post it notes from the Oh So Sweet Collection for a while. The sticky notes produced by Kikki K as always are super sticky. It does mean they will stay on your planner pages though. I really like these post its and as they are smaller than my Kikki K Thrive post its I may be able to use them a lot more throughout my planner. I am thinking of doing a ‘grass/meadows‘ theme in one of my planner weeks for AprilΒ so I can use a few of these stickeys.

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