Erewhon Station is a sheep and beef station that is situated in the Ashburton region of New Zealand. Nestled amongst the hills, Erewhon Stations sits near the upper reaches of the great Rangitata River. Well known to the locals, the name of Erewhon Station is known to originate from the word ‘Nowhere’ which is an apt name.


The station is accessible up a long dusty gravel road (Hakatere Potts Road) that first takes you along the banks of Ashburton River, past Lakes Camp and Clearwater and offers great views of the Potts River gorge and the Rangitata River.



Driving up the Hakatere Potts Road you will really feel as though you are heading to nowhere, into the wilderness, into the hills. The views into Erewhon Station are spectacular with Mt D’Archiac providing a stunning snowy mountain backdrop. You will be able to see the Rangitata River winding through the plains well before you start driving along the banks of the mighty river, and its extensive floodplains. There are many walks you can do in and around Mt Potts, which you will notice just after you cross a small bridge and before you get to the Potts River gorge.


As your continue your drive into Erewhon Station you will start trailing the edges of the Rangitata River. You will have the McLeod Range behind you, the Two Thumbs Range across the Rangitata River from you and the Cloudy Peak and Potts ranges in front of you as you trail towards Erewhon. The Two Thumbs Range provides the high-country land for Mesopotamia Station, and you can drive along the shores of the Rangitata River on this side, but you need to access the road much earlier on.



Mt Sunday offers a great short walk in this area, with the walk only estimated at 45 minutes. This is the perfect walk if you want to get a good view of this stretch of the Rangitata River, and do a short, easy walk. From the top of Mt Sunday you would get some gorgeous views into the rest of the valley and heading downstream as the river widens into its floodplains.


Erewhon Station is known for its working horses, and you can drive a couple of kilometers into the station and maybe catch a glimpse of the gorgeous, majestic horses the station is known for. Erewhon Station includes a horse stud, homestead you can stay in for a couple of nights and horse treks and wagon tours that show off their Clydesdale horses and the beautiful station.

For more information on Erewhon Station, their treks and staying on the station visit their website.




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