Plan with Me: May 2017

So the few of you that actually read my Kikki K planner posts may have realised that I missed showing you my May layout. I did actually do a May layout, and for the most part I filled in the month calendar and the week by week section. I didn’t do a full layout including goals, extra envelopes or write in the May blog section of my planner. May was a very busy month, and it was hard enough staying on top of work, buying a new house and a very bad cold. But here is what I did do.


I went with a different look for the month of May as I wanted to use some of my new washi tapes. I also have a copper glitter tape that I have barely used. I was really happy with the end result of how the gold and copper worked together.



Luckily I completed the cover for the May week to week section, and backing image months ago, else I don’t think this would have been done. The quote ‘Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams’ rung quite true for me over the month of May, as there were a lot of hurdles that I needed to jump, and a lot of the time it was hurdles I had never come across or did not understand. There were a lot of steps to house buying, and the entire process took us about 5 weeks from offer to settlement. This on top of a busy month at work, meant a lot of head down, and tail up. The quote cards are pulled through from last month so I didn’t have to clip any new ones down to size, or hunt through all my planner boxes.



The month of May I wanted to do block colours and see how that looked. I have a lot of spcrapbook paper that I haven’t really been using in my planner. I really wanted to use some of this, as a lot of it is gorgeous and suits the colours of my planner. I was really happy with how it turned out, particularly for the second and third weeks of May. The accents of the washi tape did help. The only problem with these layouts, was that sometimes, the deeply coloured paper made my to do lists hard to read. I am really happy with the overall look though. I didn’t really use any web materials for my layout this month, so don’t really have any

Materials in order of appearance:

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