Chicken, Pumpkin and Chorizo Bake by Chelsea Winter

Try your hand at a different combination of ingredients, and cook Chelsea Winter’s Chicken, Pumpkin and Chorizo Bake that everyone is sure to love! See my experience of cooking this dish below.

Facebook has recently discovered that I like cooking. Because of this, I am now being spammed all these delicious recipes by my favourite chefs and chef-ettes. Last week a series of three or four Chelsea Winter recipes popped up and I thought the Chicken, Pumpkin and Chorizo Bake looked delicious. I asked my partner if this was something he would be interested to cook in the weekend, and apparently he loves chorizo.


What I loved about this recipe, is it lives up to its reputation. In the little introductory blurb Chelsea talks about how she developed it and how it was wolfed down by three hungry men that rated it 10/10. This meal was absolutely delicious, and my partner thought it was one of the better dishes that I have ever cooked him. The mixture of spices seemed to appeal to him, and one Monday night as I was writing this recipe into my recipe journal, he asked me to read the spices out to him so he could recreate the flavours in other meals.

This recipe was really easy to make despite the various ingredients that are used. There is a little bit of preparation work, I am not going to lie, and may be too much of a feat on a weeknight, but is prefect for a weekend dinner. Most of the work is done in the oven of course, which gives you time to tidy up the kitchen or lazy about on the sofa. One lesson I did learn was not to line your baking dish. The recipe does not call for this, and for good reason. I am a stickler for protecting my oven trays so that I don’t need to fork out money for new trays often. At one stage in the recipe, you have to pour the chicken stock from the frypan into the baking dish. For this reason, do not line your baking dish. Also, you will need a large baking dish. Even if you are only feeding a couple of people, the popularity of this dish will have you coming back for more.


I really enjoyed cooking this dish. There is something truly satisfying about frying onions and other ingredients in stock. This may just be something I enjoy, but it was exciting watching the colours seep out of the chorizo and into the onions, and then watching the whole thing bubble away on the stove. It is almost taunting, smelling these aromatic flavours develop and knowing you won’t be able to sink your teeth into the dish for another hour.

This meal is an expensive one. Between the chicken (I used drumsticks), the chorizo, feta, fancy bread, olives and the dried or fresh herbs you may not have in stock, I think the entire meal came to about $30. For us, this is a treat meal. Well worth it, but just beware you do need to sink a bit into it.


Have you tried this out and was this review helpful?ย Be sure to tag me in any and all Instagram posts if you give this a go! (@lana_hollaย and #alannamarise) I would love to seeย how yours turns out!

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