Matarangi Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand

Matarangi Beach is a place I spent a few summers when I was a lot younger as some of my school friends had a beach house there. It had been a long time since I had visited and I was eager to go back this summer with my partner. Matarangi Beach is a 4.5km sand spit that extends into the Whangapoua Harbour. It boasts, a calm white sandy beach within Mercury Bay. Great Mercury Island can be spotted off shore and at low tide, the pristine white sandy beach extends quite some distance and you can walk through the warm waves slowly spilling up the beach.


The beach was very calm when we were there, and may not be suitable to some water activities such as surfing, as I am not sure if it ever develops decent surf. The beach is perfect for those that want to spend as much time in the water without exhausting much energy. You could lie flat on your back and float around for quite some time without being tipped over by a wave. In the heat of summer, the water running up and down the beach, and slowly trickling back into the ocean can get quite warm. Just dipping your feet in the shallow waves idling up the beach can make you feel like you are stepping into a very tepid bath.


Matarangi offers a lot to do in the summer. It only has a small shop center, so you won’t be able to satisfy your shopping urges, but boasts a large gold course, with a nice looking restaurant. At the end of the peninsula there are some really good forest walks you can do. If that isn’t for you then you can always just wander around these streets and marvel at all the huge beach houses. There are various Department of Conservation walks in the area, and if I ever go back there it would be nice to do a couple of these.

Of all the places we visited I think Matarangi was my favourite. I love calm beaches, and being able to laze around in the sun, or float on the surface of the water without threat of being dumped by a large wave. If this sort of thing appeals to you then Matarangi is definitely a beach to visit! If not, then maybe you will want to check out some of the other beaches along the Coromandel like Onemana, New Chums Beach or Whangamata.

If you have visited Matarangi then definitely let me know your thoughts on this beautiful Coromandel Beach!


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