Plan with Me – January 2018

A new year should mean a new planner theme right, new colours, new materials and new ideas. While this may be true for other aspects of my life leading into 2018 (new hobbies, new plant seeds and a new job), this will not be true of my planner this coming year. As a family we are saving up for a trip to Hawaii in April, so 2018 will begin with a frugal focus and for this reason, I intend on continuing to use many of my existing planner materials. So yet again, my colour theme is mint green, blush pink and glitzy gold.


This year I am learning a new job, and it is fair to say I am nervous about it. Nervous that I won’t deliver what people think I will, and nervous that I will make mistakes. While I realise nervousness is a natural reaction to a new position, I wanted my planner this year to be stocked full of motivational quotes and a ‘you can do it’ sort of attitude, to hopefully engender this within my inner thoughts. While the idea was good I really don’t think I hit the mark with my cover page. I think I will re-do this coming into February as the colours don’t quite complement the rest of my planner and all those beautiful ideas I have stored up in my mind. At the front I have kept my grocery list, some gift tags just in case and a list of things that I find inspirational.


My calendar page I am really happy with. I managed to find some adorable feather gift tags which I am enjoying using throughout my planner, and writing little quote reminders on. I think I want to add some stickers to this page as I go, but I am not sure which to use at the moment. Maybe I will have to save some coins and pick up some from the local warehouse.


A while ago Kikki K released a cat themed line (I think early 2017), which of course I had to buy a few planner materials from. I still had some left over so decided to use these as the center of my design for the month of January. The stickers are adorable and I decided to bring the cat theme through the entire month. The mostly black and white stickers also allowed me the option to accent the layout with other colours, so I brought in some gold sparkle tape for the month. I am absolutely loving the theme for this month, and will have to actively stop myself using glitter tape and drawing little cats on all of my planner pages.


I haven’t changed anything from the to do page from last year as this has really worked for me. I have changed the post its around and I need to change them again as I know my chances of exercising are VERY slim. I want 2018 to be a creative year for myself. To finish some projects, start some projects I have always wanted to, and create an amazing inspirational space to blog and plan in. It is all very promising at the moment in the middle of summer here in New Zealand, but we will see how I go through the July slog, and push through attitude of mid-winter.


I am following the same set up in my planner sections as I did last year as this seemed to work really well for me. I have taken to creating my own planner dividers as Kikki K hasn’t released any dividers that I really like and I cannot justify forking out ~$90NZD for a new planner entirely. As I am printing my own planner pages and cutting them to size, my planner sections are a little bit larger, so this year my planner will have a minimalist, 3 sections being; Calendar, To Do and the appropriate month. I didn’t use up all my cheap, or expensive to do lists in 2017, so I have kept them for this year. I have kept this section gold and exciting to try and help me write to do lists. While I love ticking boxes, often I will look at my list at the start of the day and wonder how every little thing will get done.


These are my favourite pages of the whole month. I am in love with the mint green flamingo paper, and all the accent cards. One of my three new years resolutions for 2018 is to drink less coffee, and more tea. I own a lot of teas, for many purposes and I also have a lot of herbs growing that I want to create some tea blends from. I am going alright with my goal so far, but it is only the second week of 2018 so I thought it best to make myself a reminder on a cute Kikki K gift tag I had saved up just for a cute purpose like this one.


Here are my little cat doodles I am proud of. The original idea is not mine of course, and I am not the best artist in all the land, not even in my household of 4 people. However, I am really enjoying doodling them idly when I get a spare couple of minutes here and there. The planner pages I purchased off Etsy, from Un Joyeux Petit Bazar. She is French, so you will need to translate the webpage, but her planner printables are gorgeous and simple which allows a lot of room for your own creativity. While I did have to pay for these, it was not a lot of money and I wanted a different layout to the Kikki K page layouts I have had for the past 2 years.


I decided to do a different habits tracker this year. I got the idea off pinterest from looking through how different people are doing their bullet journalling. Some of course were way too artistic, or would take too much time for me, but I really liked this simple approach from Kate Louise. Although time consuming to write out for each week, I am really enjoying the layout.


The last section of my planner is notes for the month. As I said I was wanting to get more into tea, and I think I am well on my way. I am in for a great rest of January and looking forward to filling up all the pages.

I hope you have really enjoyed looking through my planner spread for January 2018. If you have any comments on the layout below then please let me know what you think!

{alanna marise}

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