New Chums Beach, Coromandel, New Zealand

New Chums Beach is well and truly the gem of the Coromandel. Not only does it epitomise the beaches of the coromandel with its steep beach slopes and plunging waves, but also sweeping views of pohutukawa trees spotted along the coastline. While New Chums Beach could not be considered a hidden gem due to the amount of sunbathers and swimmers that visit the beach in the summer, it can be considered isolated. There is a 30 minute journey required to access the beach, from the town Whangapoua. This journey will take you rock jumping along the oceans edge, through a small forested area, up and over the headland, and finally down into the embayed, New Chums Beach.


New Chums Beach offers everything you could want. There is natural shade under the pohutukawa trees, and the crashing waves offer a lot of good opportunities for swimming and diving into the waves. While we were there the beach didn’t really have a surf zone, so it won’t be suitable for swimming, but due to the beach profile you can end up standing there for quite some time watching the waves getting reflected off the beach over 100m out to sea.


New Chums Beach is situated within the Wainuiototo Bay and accessible from the Whangapoua peninsula. It is a pretty drive accessing Whangapoua where the walking track to New Chums Beach is. Whangapoua in itself reflects a laid back, typical New Zeland beach house township, and New Chums Beach is a pristine, untouched beach, with no housing or development fringing its shores. If you want to get away from it all, forget your work demands, forget your never ending to do list and just reconnect with nature and yourself or friends and family then New Chums is perfect for you. If you trek to New Chums in the summer there will be enough people trodding the path for you to be able to follow along and as the track is accessible at all tides (maybe except king or spring tides), New Chums Beach is really worth the visit. If you want a place to wow the senses, and see something that is unique to New Zealand then New Chums is your location.


Sit back, admire the pohutukawa trees, splash in the surf and just be. Be you, and be free! All of that you will find at New Chums Beach.


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