New ideas for a new year

I am one of those inspired people that believes in new years resolutions. Usually I tend to be quite successful with new years resolutions because I don’t make silly resolutions I know I won’t keep, like doing more exercise or attending a gym. Those sorts of resolutions just really do not work for me. So far I have a set of about four or five new years resolutions, with some more vague than others, and I thought I would take some time to share them with you.

Drink more tea

I love a relaxing cup of piping hot herbal tea, specifically on a weekend afternoon when I can finally sit back as I feel like I have accomplished enough for a bit of me time. Although I do not love a hot cup of tea as much as I love a hot cup of coffee. I can basically come up with any excuse for a cup of coffee, and this has caused the problem of drinking an array of different types of coffee over a single day. In order to bring my coffee addiction back into check I want to branch more into herbal teas. A couple of my friends swear by the health benefits of tea, from quashing nausea to helping with sleep and helping you focus at work. A cup of tea can solve a lot of problems, and can be a really relaxing experience, and I want more of that in my life in 2018. I do have quite a collection of teas already and have been doing some research around different types of tea. Hopefully I can keep you posted on my journey with tea this year, and might post some tissane recipes around herbs from the garden, or reviews on some of the teas I have purchased.

Gratefulness Journal

Sometimes, you just really forget what special things you have in your life. Not because you are a horrible, ungrateful person, but because we all get busy and used to the lives we lead, the homes we live in and the people around us. This year I want to do a gratefulness journal, where each day I sit down for five minutes (maybe with a cup of tea), reflect on my day and what I have really appreciated about the people in my life, circumstances or the opportunities that have arisen. I have purchased a gorgeous thankful journal from Kikki K that will get me through part of the year. This journal also has little thankful notes you can give to people when they have made a little difference in your life. I have currently given away two to date, and have another one to give away on Monday.


Craft aficionado

Growing up I was surrounded by craft masters. One of my grandmothers was into quilting, crochet, cross-stitch and fine art while the other was into making clothes and knitting due to her background as a seamstress. My mother, also amazing at sewing, decided this wasn’t enough and delved into scrapbooking and card making. It is of no surprise that I have an affinity towards craft. While I have tried most of the above, hoping to have inherited some natural talent, I never really took to sewing and ‘official’ scrapbooking. I have managed to be minimally successful with cross-stitch, but I struggle to find the time for this among other hobbies and priorities. This year I want to be a craft aficionado, to inspire affection in others for the self fulfillment, enjoyment and relaxation that craft can bring. I have always wanted to learn calligraphy and hand-lettering and I want to put some real time into that this year. I love filling in my planner with gorgeous post-its, pictures and quotes, but want to get into designing my own material this year. So watch this space, and hopefully I can inspire you to become a craft lover.

Spend more time investing in family

I am unlucky in the fact that none of my family live close to me, both immediate and extended. While I have adopted my partners family as my own, I do want to actively work towards developing stronger networks with my own family this year. I think family is important, they all shape your life somehow. Either through stories of their younger days, parenting, or years of seeing you develop and those years of experience as to how you process and respond to life. I have many second and third cousins, and would like to get to know them better this year, even if it is just something small.


I have many other small goals and desires for 2018 of course, but if I was going to list them all here it would take all night! What are your new years resolutions, maybe they will inspire me in some way. I hope mine have inspired you to think of what yours may be for the coming year. I’m going to make it mine, make it successful and plan to achieve. I mean, you may as well aim high right?

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