Muffin Break Jaffington Muffins

Muffin Break is a coffee and muffin chain store in New Zealand. They sell a variety of other foods but are mostly known for their coffee and muffins. Leading up to Christmas I popped into one of their stores to get a christmas-themed coffee and got given a free Muffin Break 2018 calendar that has muffin recipes for every month (and muffin vouchers!). I am very much looking forward to cooking through the muffin recipes this year and thought I would share my thoughts on their Jaffington Muffins, the January muffin.


I tend to shy away from baking that requires icing, which I realise isΒ a very broad category and means I do not bake a whole lot of goodies often, such as cakes and cupcakes. I find icing a bit tedious, and would rather just bake a muffin that had chocolate in it so I didn’t need to add a whole extra step to the cooking process. These muffins have a chocolate ganache icing and I was a little bit hesitant about making the ganache. I am not sure whether I have ever made icing with cream in it, and was not entirely sure it would amount to the right consistency to constitute icing. It did though. The icing process was a bit messy. If you have made lamingtons before then expect the same sort of messy process; sticky chocolate fingers, with clumps of dessicated coconut everywhere. It is obvious that the name is based off lamingtons, and certainly the sticky process of dipping the muffin top in ganache and then coconut gives off the same sort of vibe.

The muffin recipe itself is straight forward and the jaffa flavour is developed through adding orange juice, and orange rind to the muffin mixture. The recipe calls for a dollop of orange curd on top of the unbaked muffin, but I skipped this step as couldn’t find any in my local supermarket. Otherwise, the recipe is loosely based off a vanilla muffin/cupcake recipe, dominated by flour, caster sugar and butter and substituting the vanilla essence for orange juice and a measure of coconut. The muffin recipe does include slivered almonds, although I cannot for the life of me figure out how these contributes to the ‘jaffington’ flavour. The flavour (remembering without the curd) is very subtle and makes the muffin gorgeous. The texture is light, but I would recommend beating the wet and dry mix (minus coconut and almonds) sufficiently for a light fluffy texture, or else these muffins will come out a bit dense.


The recipe did say that it would produce 12 muffins, and I barely managed to have enough mixture to make 11. Doubling this recipe would prove worthwhile, and if so you could probably switch juicing oranges for store bought orange juice. The muffins come out with a strong golden hue, and look like real treats when dipped in icing and covered in coconut. While they don’t feel that healthy, they sure do make your work lunch a bit more exciting! I really enjoyed this recipe, and will make it again and you cannot complain when all the muffins don’t even make it into your storage tin. I am really looking forward to making the February, valentines themed muffin!


I am not going to share this recipe as it is not one of my recipes, but you could make a really similar muffin recipe by taking a vanilla muffin mix, and substituting the vanilla essence with coconut, orange juice and rind and slivered almonds. Top with a chocolate ganache and desiccated coconut and you have created a brilliant new muffin!

Disclaimer: When I review recipes on my site that are not mine I always link through to an online version of the recipe, as it is not mine to claim originality or credit for. I also do not believe that changing one ingredient, or one measure of an ingredient makes it your recipe.

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