Be Thankful with Me

This year I wanted to work on becoming a more thankful person, and really appreciating all the good in my life. Each year is what you make it and I think I have a lot to be thankful for; new opportunities, new friendships and a lot of ideas for fun experiences on the horizon.

20180203_121700 (2)

Last Christmas I purchased the Kikki K Fall In Love With Your Life Gratitude Journal, and I have now written in each each day for nearly a month and half. While I do not think it will get me through the whole year, the gorgeous layout of the journal really inspires me to write in everyday.

20180203_121641 (2)

I am already enjoying looking back on the moments I have been thankful for through January. A lot of these moments are small moments where I have got help at work, or my partner has helped out around home. Without recognising them and writing them down everyday I think I would forget these small, wonderful things that people do for me and then maybe undervalue the impact these people and experiences have on my life, and how special my 2018 really is.

20180203_121534 (2)

The back of the journal I have purchased has little thankful cards that you can give out to those that have made a difference or been a highlight in your day or week. I have given 3 away so far, and am enjoying bringing this little bit of light and happiness to others. I think it is always important to recognise others and say thankyou, as I know it is always good to hear when I have been that for someone else.

20180203_121515 (2)

Please let me know if you have you ever written in a gratitude or thankful journal, and how you found the experience if this is something you have done in the past?

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